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April, still angry with Andy for having kissed Ann, returns from a vacation with a new boyfriend from Venezuela, Eduardo. Flu season strikes Pawnee, and Ann must care for the flu victims at the hospital, which include April, Leslie, and Chris.

While April tries to make life hard for Ann as revenge for kissing Andy, Ron needs an assistant to fill in for April and selects Andy, whom he bonds with over the Colts, lunch, and playing football in the parking lot.

Later, Ben asks the chief for that favor as well, and he agrees out of respect for Leslie.

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Ann must care for Chris, who is so healthy, his immune system and 2.8% body fat makes him very weak and prone to disease.

Eventually Leslie holds a public forum to decide what will go in the capsule, but it grows quickly out of control when the Pawnee citizens cannot agree on what it should include.

Leslie resolves the matter by including nothing but a video-recording of the meeting, which she feels captures Pawnee by showing the passion of its citizens.

Meanwhile, Andy gets help from Chris in winning back April, which makes Ann worry that Andy will once again interfere in her relationship.

Tom laments that his girlfriend Lucy (Natalie Morales) has broken up with him, and she reveals she left Tom because he cannot get over his jealousy of Ron and Wendy.

Either the festival is a financial success, or the parks Department will be eliminated.