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To be able to use ADO data control, you need to insert it into the toolbox.

To do this, simply press Ctrl T to open the components dialog box and select Microsoft Active X Data Control 6.

This results in an to the corresponding Beverages category ID, and so on.

Jisun's changes to the product name have been overwritten.

For web applications that only allow users to view data, or for those that include only a single user who can modify data, there's no threat of two concurrent users accidentally overwriting one another's changes.

For web applications that allow multiple users to update or delete data, however, there's the potential for one user's modifications to clash with another concurrent user's.

The runtime interface of this program is shown in the diagram below, it allows adding and deletion as well as updating and browsing of data. To connect ADO to this database file , follow the steps below: a) Click on the ADO control on the form and open up the properties window.

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Figure 1: When Two Users Simultaneously Update a Record There s Potential for One User 's Changes to Overwrite the Other 's (Click to view full-size image) Similarly, when two users are visiting a page, one user might be in the midst of updating a record when it is deleted by another user.Pessimistic concurrency is rarely used because such locks, if not properly relinquished, can prevent other users from updating data.For example, if a user locks a record for editing and then leaves for the day before unlocking it, no other user will be able to update that record until the original user returns and completes his update.Both click the Edit button in the Grid View around the same time.

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Jisun changes the product name to "Chai Tea" and clicks the Update button. At this point in time, the database has the values "Chai Tea," the category Beverages, the supplier Exotic Liquids, and so on for this particular product.

First of all, name the newand change its caption to book.

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