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I could see the concerted effort he was making to pull out of the funk. I don’t want to do anything that would risk people getting hurt.” “Okay,” I said. I can do this…” She didn’t touch or move anything external, but the joints of her elbow shifted, and the forearm and hand dropped. “I’m mostly interested in seeing how you guys operate, so I’ll mostly stick to playing defense and keeping an eye on things.” “Alright. She wanted to be leader, by the looks of things, and that meant she had something to prove. Off to the side, Tristan was drawing something out of motes of light, ten feet tall and twenty feet wide. I’d wanted to test them, to see how they functioned as discrete units, and possibly to highlight difficulties.

I could see the way he set his jaw, before he pulled his horned helmet on. I could see the look of Ashley’s eyes behind her mask, too.

“If you guys want to head over that way, stop at the rocky outcropping on the hill. She was wearing black overalls and a pink tank top, a red apple clip in her hair, and red sneakers. My phantom self gripped the length of straps, scratched, squeezed, and twisted it, periodically making the ten foot length of cords bend in unusual shapes. I hadn’t seen the limits of its intelligence or lack thereof. Be right back.” I flew over to where Kenzie and her dad were. From the way she lowered her hand and glanced at me, Kenzie was too. I ended up lifting her by the straps at the back of her overalls, my hand also wrapped around the strap of one bag, while Kenzie held other things. There was light overgrowth, a fairly loose distribution of trees for the fact that it was untamed wilderness, and thick grass. Helps when you’re wearing armor as heavy as this, or when you’re using a power that can make heavy things.” “Seems like a good place to get us started,” I said. It wasn’t as aerodynamic as a frisbee, but it did catch the air. “Requires a bit of concentration, I can rush it or force it to come into being early, but you get weirdness like… Spikes, horns, thorns, and other slightly curved growths stood out. Byron turned his head so the backspray hit him in the side of the face, rather than right in the center of it. “It seems like hard feelings are inevitable,” I said. Sveta had worked hard for as long as I’d known her, and I knew that the anxiety was tied into the lack of control in a feedback loop, and that her being so much more confident and happy would mean she had more control, but all it took was one bad incident. “We’d have to be really, careful.” “Absolutely,” she said, with dead seriousness. To break containment, it would take something that would maim an ordinary person.” “Yeah,” I said. “We split everyone into teams of three, and we play a small game of capture the flag, here.” “See, that’s playing dirty,” Tristan said. Tristan explained, “He changes to one, he gets a little taller, a little stronger, a little more sluggish.

I’ll probably have questions.” I turned to the others, pointing at the treeline. I flew in the direction I’d sent the others, leaving Kenzie behind. It was, in a way, almost as much of a pain to bring Kenzie, two cases and two boxes without my strength active, as it had been to move the one cube. The weirdness was in how the shape finalized its form, drawing pretty creative curves and hooks. Sveta made a noise of surprise, and Chris, still mostly fixated on examining Kenzie’s cube, jumped back from the cube in surprise. “Tristan being involved, this team concept, the potential for disaster, and this thing with Tattletale? If they’re going to do this or something like this, isn’t it better that they do it smart and informed? “But if you’re enabling them, you should know you own a share of what happens.” “I don’t think that’s fair,” Sveta said. One of her hands was at her hair, pushing it back out of her face, the water helping it stay there. “You’re pretty lucky, getting a name that fitting for a power like that.” “Constellations forming rock and water? If I had hooks I could unfold I could more reliably grab things. “And I really want extra shielding for my joints because they’re the easiest part to break, and I don’t want to have to send it out to be repaired and be unable to walk or do things in the meantime.” “What happens if the suit gets broken? “As in broken enough that it doesn’t keep you contained? It’s a bit cramped, it’s not the biggest, and it might not always work, but I’ve also been working hard at keeping myself under control.” I suppressed a wince. “It should be fun, and it should be relatively low-key,” I said.

In inflation-adjusted dollars, real net farm income was forecast to be relatively unchanged from 2016.

“You can use me if you need to clean up, Tristan,” Byron said. Then, as he changed the angle of his head a little, I saw his face. He’s quick to say there’s a problem but he doesn’t suggest alternatives. power changed to match.” “That’s really interesting,” I said. She twisted around, pointed a hand, and used tendrils to push her fist out. “Please don’t judge me too harshly if he acts really lame.” “I won’t,” I said. He was almost as meticulous in appearance as Kenzie. Both handshake and his tone were stiff, but it was a different kind of stiffness than I was used to seeing in Dean’s family. I don’t really get it all, but his boss seemed pretty happy with him. ” “I did.” “He’s doing it ethically, too, which is so important, with so many shady people out there.” “I’m trying,” he said. “Thanks for bringing Kenzie out this far, and for bringing her stuff.” Kenzie rolled her eyes. “You don’t have to keep your distance,” Kenzie said. It’s science that gets at least some of its functionality from interdimensional fuckery, built by cooperation between you and the unfathomable, menacing , Chris. “…And you’re using it to make cartoons,” Chris said. “Some of the kids at the hospital liked that one.” “It’s okay,” Kenzie said. Each segment was framed with goat’s heads and horns, spirals and ridges. They traced a circle and as the moving points of light connected to the end of each trail, a shape came to life. That leaves Chris and Kenzie, kind of.” “I’ve got some things,” Kenzie said. “Two of these things I had as just-in-case things when I was a Ward. “He chose one of the more pleasant looking forms,” Kenzie said, cheerful. How in the fuck was I supposed to make someone like Chris marketable? He was very lean, with pronounced cheekbones and a long face that was made to look longer by the goatee that extended an inch from his chin. Victoria, this is my dad.” “Hi, Mr…” I extended a hand. I was well aware of how easily I’d slotted him onto that same mental shelf. “We should go take a look so we don’t keep the others waiting.” Julien followed us around to the back of the van, standing back while we opened the doors. I’ve trained more than a lot of heroes, because I did a year going to all the practice events and stuff.” “I’m more interested in what your dad has to say. It records and projects.” “It’s a camera built with collaboration between you and a unknowable, violence-driven multiversal horror.” “My multiversal horror is pretty tame, I think. “Only the first season was really any good.” “What’s it good for? She was taking things a step further than Chris’ wearing of the same shorts. Where it wasn’t brushed metal, things were painted or tinted red or light red. I got them fixed up recently, and I even made an improvement. She stuck it on the corner of her cube, then held her phone in one hand, moving her thumb around. How was I supposed to wrangle Ashley or handle Tristan’s issue? The third quarter Tenth District Survey of Agricultural Credit Conditions indicates the share of bankers expecting further declines in income in the fourth quarter of 2017 was smaller than a year ago in each state.

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From 2014 to 2016, an increasing number of bankers in Kansas, the Mountain States, Nebraska and Oklahoma expected farm income to be lower in the next quarter. Whereas a majority of bankers expected lower farm income in 2016, less than half of bankers in each state had the same expectations in 2017. The box made for unwieldy flying, swinging below me. The light turned blue, and then he was Byron, wearing a hooded sweatshirt and jeans. Maybe I own a bit of what happens for not trying harder to stop Tristan from going forward with this.” “You sound pretty certain something bad is going to happen.” “I was there for all the therapy sessions, even if I didn’t participate,” he said. “Saying it over and over doesn’t change anything.” “Be kind, Chris,” Sveta said. The other diagram became a solid object, a wheel spikier and cruder than what Tristan had made. The water that Byron’s power had produced rained down on us for several seconds. It was easy to forget that he was in there while Byron was out here, feeling things, thinking, his mood changing during that short conversation. The sympathy on Sveta’s face, the tilt of Chris’ head. It’s effective if he makes water, sloshes it over someone, and then changes, to make it solid. She wobbled as she stood and Tristan and I caught her between us. “You’re made of grappling hooks, basically,” Chris said.

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