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photo above with the image below and notice how MANTAK development team has dramatically modified basic design, ballistic shape of all important turret to incorporate no less than 50 up-grade improvements, primarily the very obvious APS A little APS history here might be in order.

This idea of knocking down RPG's and latter guided missiles (ATGW) from the sky has been an Israeli R&D program for over 20 years ever since the 1973 surprise Yom Kippor War which the Egyptian's were handed out wholesale tens of thousands of these man portable Russian anti tank weapons which were so deadly to Israeli armor forces deployed though out the Sinai.

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Second, the interceptor can be RE-loaded from with-in side the tank without exposing any of the crew to hostile fire.On this web page is an image below so sharp that it's Twice 1080P & it can be enlarged LIFE size of the tank if you arrange an array of HD monitors.With clarity so detailed you see the rivets & even the granulated rough textured In 1995 MANTAK (Merkava operations office announced the Merk III BAZ with a new Sharpshooter FCS called the Knights Mk4 system.Actually it more than likely rescued it from a certain early production closure.

Funny how your worst enemy can do wonderful things for your country's military defenses...IMI began actual proof of concept in the beginning of 1990.