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As ambulances and police cars came screaming up the hill, past the demolition derby of wrecked cars to where Georgia and Patterson sobbed in the grand arched entryway to their palace, it was just another day at the Inmans', home to the poorest rich kids in the world.

Raised by two drug addicts with virtually unlimited wealth, Georgia and Patterson survived a gilded childhood that was also a horror story of Dickensian neglect and abuse.

In his short life, he's already had too many emotional upheavals." Instead, Walker was shifted from household to household until he wound up with his father's half sister Doris Duke.

One Town's War on Gay Teens Doris knew nothing about raising children, nor much cared.

The kids had seen her this way before; two years earlier they'd been in the car when she was pulled over for a DUI. " 12-year-old Georgia begged from the passenger seat.

This morning, she seemed even more wasted."Slow down! In the back, her twin brother, Patterson, sat frozen in horror."Shut the fuck up! Her right hand shot out to smack Georgia's face, while her left clutched a glass filled with Trix cereal, leaving no hands on the steering wheel.

Pine trees whizzed by to their right, a cliff to their left. " Daralee demanded, as faster and faster they descended the steep road that served as the family's half-mile-long driveway.

The kids reached for their seat belts, too late, as the Tahoe hit a bump, tipped toward the cliff – "God take my soul! " Georgia cried out – and then veered left and slammed into a tree.

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And yet they also spent their childhoods inhaling freebase fumes, locked in cellars and deadbolted into their bedrooms at night in the secluded Wyoming mountains and on their ancestral South Carolina plantation.

While their father spent millions on drug binges and extravagances, the children lived like terrified prisoners, kept at bay by a revolving door of some four dozen nannies and caregivers, underfed, undereducated, scarcely noticed except as objects of wrath."We were so fearful.

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