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14-Sep-2017 14:59

She doesn’t speak in carefully prepared soundbites; what she says seems to come straight from the heart.Winslet’s latest film is Labor Day, for which she has received her ninth Golden Globe nomination (she has won twice).'Kate is full-on,’ says her friend the director Richard Eyre (who, as well as directing her in Iris, adds that he can take credit for acting as Cupid with her and Mendes). She has an energy and she is demanding, insofar as she wants to be given as much as she gives.Which is a lot.’ 'I do have impossibly high standards,’ Winslet admits.'I told him that I hadn’t got it in me and he said, “When will you have it in you? No one has really asked me that before but, I don’t know – a year? Much has been made of Winslet’s marriage to Richard Branson’s nephew with the strange surname (he changed his name from Abel Smith by deed poll in 2008).First, there’s the fact that it is the relatively young actress’s third marriage.Set in 1980s Massachusetts it tells the story of a depressed single mother, Adele, and her young son, Henry, whose lives are turned upside down when an escaped convict (Josh Brolin) demands that they give him a lift home from a discount store on the eve of the Labor Day weekend.It is a gripping tale, mainly thanks to Winslet, who gives Adele enough complexity to make her essentially feeble character, and her consequent controversial decisions, a masterclass in human frailty. 'I have never really played a character that has considerably more vulnerability than strength,’ she says. Usually, I can find something in a character to relate to – Hannah Schmidt in The Reader, for example.

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Warm, unguarded and funny, with a filthy mouth and a guttural laugh, she gives a pitch-perfect performance as the consummate interviewee.

They broke up in 2010 amid rumours of his involvement with the actress Rebecca Hall, his current girlfriend.