Radgrid not updating on postback

12-Oct-2017 17:15

Page hey i have do this code protected void rg Product Name_Need Data Source(object source, Grid Need Data Source Event Args e) protected void rg Product Name_Update Command(object source, Telerik.

On a side note, did you know that Rad Grid can bind to WCF Web Services automatically? NET 3.5 Client-Side Data Binding demo for a live example.

In the case of Image Buttons and server buttons, by the time the MS AJAX framework "informs" the editor that a partial update is about to occur, the POST data has already been collected and recorded. Unique ID & "',''); return false;") End If End Sub Protected Sub Rad Grid1_Item Command(sender As Object, e As Grid Command Event Args) If e. Item Is Grid Editable Item Then Dim edited Item As Grid Editable Item = Try Cast(e. Content End If End If End Sub Protected Sub Rad Grid1_Need Data Source(sender As Object, e As Telerik. Data Source = Get Data() End Sub Protected Function Get Data() As Data Table Dim dt As New Data Table() dt.

The editor does not get a chance to set the updated content properly. Item, Grid Editable Item) Dim cell As Table Cell = edited Item("my Grid HTMLEditor Column") Label1.

In case of disabled viewstate the events will be fired like this: Note that in order to make 4 to happen, the recreation of the grid in 3 should be exactly the same as when the grid is data-bound on the previous postback.

You should, however, properly reference the Image Button from the code behind and handle its onclick event in order to call the __do Post Back() method (Example 7). Grid Need Data Source Event Args e) protected Data Table Get Data() Protected Sub Rad Grid1_Item Created(sender As Object, e As Grid Item Event Args) If Type Of e. Item Is IGrid Insert Item, "Perform Insert Button", "Update Button") Dim but As Image Button = Try Cast(e. The unexpected behavior stems from an issue inside the MS AJAX framework that relates to passing information about the partial page update. Considering the fact that Rad Editor and Rad Ajax are built on top of the MS AJAX framework, the controls are also affected by this issue. Grid Need Data Source Event Args) Try Cast(sender, Rad Grid). This code is loosely based on several of the demos. The Update, Insert, and Delete operations are all handled by events, not through Linq directly.

The main issue I'm having right now is that when I save data through my external form and call e. The Insert and Delete operations both work as intended.protected void Rad Grid1_Item Created(object sender, Grid Item Event Args e) protected void Rad Grid1_Item Command(object sender, Grid Command Event Args e) protected void Rad Grid1_Need Data Source(object sender, Telerik.