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• In winter time, the road conditions with snow and ice, are different.Different Rules For example, in Canada, pedestrians have priority.• The demerits (or violations) needed to suspend your license is lower. Passing it makes you a fully license Class 5 driver.I was told at the Registry many Filipinos feel they can take on the Advanced Road Test immediately, and almost always fail.You are required to bring a vehicle for your use in the road test.If you don’t have a vehicle, some registries and driving schools may rent you a vehicle for maybe – for the half-hour road test. Passing it gets you a Graduated Driver Licensing Class 5 (GDL 5) license.Processing takes about a week, so get this done before you leave for Canada.

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In Manila, we check our side and rear view mirrors when changing lanes. Bottomline, if you don’t know or follow the rules, you either don’t get your license, you get fined, you get into an accident, or your license gets suspended. You will also be asked if you have a Philippine Drivers License.

” If you have a valid Philippine driver’s license, yes, you can drive in Canada for 90 days after landing.

• Bad driving habits acquired under Manila’s traffic rules and road assumptions, are difficult to break.

The usual advice; pass the Basic Test, gain some experience on the road, than take the Advanced Test in a year or so.

I passed the Basic Road Test on my first try, with a few minor lapses.

I spent for the Basic Road Test, and .45 for my new GDL Class 5 license.

Det er egentlig forsteligt nok, for ejerne er ndt til at have penge ind til drift af siden, men det er absolut ikke optimalt for brugerne. Fordelen ved er, at det udelukkende er for folk over 50 r er, og man er sikker p ikke at modtage breve fra lystne ungersvende eller unge piger som kunne have vret vores snner og dtre.… continue reading »

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