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13-Jul-2017 15:31

Turns out most of them are just notifications that some dude added you to his fa­vor­ites, sent you a private pic­ture key or requests yours.

The fil­tering system comes in very handy here and will quickly be­come your fa­vor­ite tool.

You have the regular winks, of course, as on any dating site.

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The most important aspect for any community site – be it e Bay, Facebook or a dating website – is the number of people on it. When I played with the site on a Tuesday afternoon, I found more than 200 guys who had logged in within the last day, in each of the major cities (San Francisco, Kansas City, New York, Miami) and in each of the age groups I looked at (men in their 20s, 30s, 40s)!It’s great to connect with someone instantly or exchange some racy lines, and – who knows?– you may get your fill just from some salacious virtual adultery!You can post some more reveling images there and while main profile pictures cannot be enlarged, those private photos show in full size when clicked on.

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You’ll find that many people post only in that private showcase and leave the public picture blank for privacy.On the other hand, you will most likely be inundated with guys requesting a chat as soon as you sign up.