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The slopes there are completely above the tree l...A new ski area has been announced for the 2011/2012 season at Betania, near Tbilisi in Georgia at a location renowned for its reliable snow cover.For a limited time, go behind-the-scenes to meet Lun Lun and her newest twins, Ya Lun and Xi Lun. Be part of their milestones and sign up for this once-in-a-lifetime Wild Encounter. If you are interested in reducing textbook costs for your students by adopting, adapting or creating course materials …In a 27 page report [PDF], the Georgian government explains how in early 2011 Georgian news websites were hacked in order to exploit vulnerabilities, and spread malware that hijacked infected computers and searched for sensitive documents.In addition to stealing Word documents, the malware could take screenshots and was later enhanced to spread via networks and eavesdrop on conversations via infected PCs’ webcams. Continue reading Grants from Affordable Learning Georgia—Round 11 Deadline: January 22Textbook costs for students can be significant, and students report that this cost barrier often has a negative impact on their success.

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You can download the full report from the Georgian investigators here [PDF].

Computers hit in Georgia were predominantly based in government agencies, banks and critical infrastructure the report claims.

Georgia’s CERT deliberately infected one of its own PCs with the malware, and planted a ZIP file named “Georgian-Nato Agreement” on its drive, hoping it would prove irresistible for the hacker.

Furthermore, according to CERT-Georgia, websites used to control the infected Georgian computers have links with RBN, the notorious Russian Business Network.

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Even though it appears that the Georgian authorities have gathered a lot of information about a man they strongly suspect of involvement in the attacks, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the authorities in Moscow turn a blind eye.Furthermore, the suspected hacker’s city, ISP, email address and other information were also acquired.