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In the words of one scholar, "The Incas lacked the use of wheeled vehicles. Despite these supposed handicaps, the Incas were still able to construct one of the greatest imperial states in human history".They lacked animals to ride and draft animals that could pull wagons and plows... Notable features of the Inca Empire include its monumental architecture, especially stonework, extensive road network reaching all corners of the empire, finely-woven textiles, use of knotted strings (quipu) for record keeping and communication, agricultural innovations in a difficult environment, and the organization and management fostered or imposed on its people and their labor.Four brothers and four sisters stepped out of the middle cave.They were: Ayar Manco, Ayar Cachi, Ayar Awqa (Ayar Auca) and Ayar Uchu; and Mama Ocllo, Mama Raua, Mama Huaco and Mama Qura (Mama Cora).As such the name Imperio inca ("Inca Empire") referred to the nation that they encountered and subsequently conquered.

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