Fbi uncovers political prostitute dating scandal

01-Jul-2017 04:27

Knowing what we know about how police protect their own, it doesn't seem too big of a stretch to imagine that much of this sort of thing simply gets swept under the rug.And of course we also have evidence of these sorts of cover-ups.The filmmakers were in the final editing stage of the documentary when the Discovery Channel suddenly withdrew support for the project. The film told the story of Lawrence King and an alleged cover-up that reached the highest levels of big business and United States government.Much of the documentary was based on John De Camp’s expose, “It’s a web of intrigue that starts in our holy of holies, Boys Town Nebraska, one of the most respected institutions in the United States, and spreads out like a spider web to Washington DC right up to the steps of the nation’s capital, steps of the Whitehouse.Carener, who couldn’t help but notice how many times Boys Town came up in Eulice’s testimony.

But let's also remember that these are merely the cops who got caught and made the news.A study from Cato found that sexual misconduct was the second highest of all complaints against police officers in 2010, representing 9.3 percent of all complaints.More than 350 of the 618 complaints involved non-consensual sexual acts, and over half involved minors.It involves some of the most respected and powerful and richest businessmen in this country – and the centerpiece of the entire web is the use of children for sex, drug dealing, drug couriers, and the compromising of politicians and businessmen.” The story sounds bizarre, sketchy, and too horrible to be true, but a plethora of evidence exists that suggests that not only did the events really occur, but that the episode sparked a massive cover-up, one that even lead to the deaths of the lead investigator, key witnesses, and several of the accused pedophiles and involved several prominent wealthy businessmen, upper-echelon political figures, high-level legal officials, and the police.

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(also called Boystown) was founded in 1917 in Douglas County, Nebraska by catholic priest, Edward J. The project started as a home for orphans, abandoned, neglected, and abused boys and girls.According to Paul Bonacci, Larry King used boys as young as ten years old as sex toys at bizarre pedophile parties.