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16-Jun-2017 00:07

Finding free condoms all over the place always makes for a better night than an emergency trip to CVS. With equal ratio of men and women, no one suffers from gender gaps or gaps between bodies, if you know what I mean.

Grab yourself an abstinence kit, sexual goodie bags and free condoms at Wellness and Prevention Services before your hookups for the weekend begin.

According to Sex Positive’s official website, the app gives students a pool of information about sexually transmitted infections (STIs), safer sex practices, communication tips and healthy advice with no judgment.

Since Sex Positive was launched, over 30,000 students downloaded and got down to business.

Then the app tells you what kind of STDs and STIs you can get from those two things touching.

Sex Positive also safe sex practices and sexual advice.

It’s Saturday night and you and your friends decided to hit up a frat party—a world where bedroom doors are locked because they’re being used for…studying, right? You can rock the walk like Amber Rose did or nervously hope no one notices your wedges and mini skirt. The map has locations around campus where you can find safe sex supplies like male and female condoms, dental dams, lubricant and a safer sex brochure.

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Though girls basically run the campus at Georgia (57 percent female and 43 percent male), the Greek life and condom availability make hookups hot af.“Hooking up at many schools can be incredibly demeaning and degrading for women, but at Columbia I think it’s very different.Although sexism is still prevalent throughout the country, I think less so at Columbia,” Precht said. We preach equality.” In the words of Condoms, condoms, read all about them. Stanford’s Sexual Health Peer Resource Center offers safe sex supplies, sex toys and health counseling with an all-student staff (so no need for any of those awkward encounters with real adults).The likelihood of hookups is higher when almost everyone can find their match.

Arizona has 36 fraternities and 15 sororities, so the hookup culture that revolves around Greek life remains. Campus Health Service offers STD testing ranging from -, depending on which STD you want to get tested for, and free condom Fridays.But Oregon truly proves itself as a school for hookups and a school of true progress by offering free birth control, emergency contraception, HIV testing, free condoms, lube and pregnancy testing. I mean, they might as well call it Hooking Up R’ Us.