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According to a recent survey, men spend about 7 on a first date in DC, but why? But you're likely not in the state to be concerned with such things right now, so in the short term, go for it! One of the more notorious such bands in town, White Ford Bronco, also happens to have a dedicated following among the 20-something set.

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Phil Libin at General Catalyst has described bots as “the most important tech trend of the year” and Albert Wenger at Union Square Ventures described this new era as “the Great Bot Rush” (a notably more attractive phrase than “The Botageddon”).It’s early days, but we’re starting to see seed financing rounds for bots such as Howdy, Assi.st, Hyper, Pana, Scout, Luka, and Rep.In parallel, other startups – like Pandorabots, the soon-to-be-announced Automat and my own company, Prompt – are focused on building the picks and shovels for bot developers.Messaging apps now have more active users than social networks.

In January, Tech Crunch first reported rumors of Facebook’s secret Chat SDK for building Messenger bots.In the following months, Go Butler raised million from General Catalyst for an almost identical service, and Operator announced it had raised million from Greylock.