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01-Jan-2018 22:06

The alpha state gives you three ship classes, the three smaller and most popular ship classes you can play as much as you like for free forever.

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For established players, I think it becomes a bit about like a hardcore mode. You still have to train into the skills, so if you're on the free account you don't automatically just get all of these ship classes, you still have to choose which skills you train and so on.We recently spoke when EVE Online executive producer, Andie Nordgren to share more about this next big update.Gamespot: What can you tell us about EVE Online's upcoming update?If you are not interested in opportunities, open the Opportunity Map and click the gear in the top right corner.

You can then click "Do Not Show in Info Panel" to stop Opportunities from always appearing onscreen.

Andie Nordgren: We have a big expansion launching on November 15th and it has a bunch o goodies and content for current players, some big additions to the EVE sandbox with new structures that players can build, and new combat to shake things up.