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30-Aug-2017 15:50

The US Department of Education (USDE) has given TEA authority to issue indirect cost rates for independent school districts (ISDs), open-enrollment charter schools, and certain other government entities.To recover any indirect costs, these grantees must request and receive a new indirect cost rate for every school year.The cost to borrow the money to have your own solar system installed is less than the value in energy it will generate.You can be cash flow positive from day one; this is grid parity.To assist ISDs, TEA has developed a data collection methodology that populates PEIMS data into an ICRP.However, a small amount of the required ICRP data cannot be obtained through PEIMS.For fiscal years 2018-2019, TEA received a new Delegation Agreement from USDE that specifies the USDE-approved indirect cost rate calculation methodology.In the delegation agreement, the following provisions are mandated by USDE: Due to the new requirements, the ISD ICRP has been updated.

You can join the tens of thousands of people in Ontario that generate their own power using solar.The day we can tell the utilities to take a hike, we will take it from here.