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(c) Copyright 1996-1999 Vyachslav Mironov (c) Copyright 2001 translation by Alex Dokin ([email protected]) (c) Copyright 2001 translation by Konstantin S. Have to run a zigzag path (in our brigade we call it "run a screw"). And there are enough screwballs like that in every unit, the enemy and ours. We thought, maybe medivac the fellow, but then again, can't even medivac the casualties, and this one, though a crank, still fighting. Everybody had a thought that the brigade had made everything according to it. Leskov (c) Copyright 2001 translation by Marta Malinovskaya (c) Copyright 2009, 2011 translation by Oleg Abramov (c) Copyright 2001 translation by Oleg Petrov ([email protected]) Date: Feb-Mar 2001 I'm running. Up there on "The Continent" he'd definitely go nuts. It seemed like the Earth, asphalt and house walls were ablaze from the burning fuel. When your boots slip on the bloody mucus, then the important thing is to think of nothing, and concentrate on only one objective: survive, survive and save your men. People panicked in the inferno, some tried to return fire, some helping the wounded. What would you, my reader, do in that hell on earth? Because those you'd lose will come to you in your dreams. It could be described as a tube (about 2.5 inches in diameter) with a trigger and a safety pin. There is also an aiming mechanism, but since the first days we conned it so that now easily can do without it.

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In the dark we fire on each other and take our own grunts prisoners. No reconnaissance to ascertain the spooks' defensive structures, no artillery runs to soften them up. And did not hide his stomach to be horrified when getting the only thought about the rat-fleshy.

We call it lovingly: "podstvol'nichek", although, weight of the device could prove a bit too much (about half a kilo).

It is mounted under the rifle's barrel and can be fired straight into the target or launch in an overhead trajectory.

"Reinstating Constitutional Order" on the territory of the former Soviet Union. Our soldiers are Siberians and all together we are "mahra" (Russian word for cheap tobacco). Glue moves away from the window and a starts muttering into his handset, calling onto the 1st Battalion's Road Post and our APCs. - "Sopka" is waiting for us, "boxes" were fired upon and rolled back a block.

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And now again, we are beating our own Russian land on somebody's hugger-mugger order... Turned around - all my grunts are fine, prone on the ground, watching. In the WWII books and movies, infantry is called "The Queen of the battle field ". - Fine, let's go, or we'll frost down here, - I make terrible hoarse sounds coughing. I spat with green and yellow slime - consequence of my many years of smoking. Here, though, all guards were soundly asleep or spooks gashed them quietly. When heads pop open with a crunch under a steel caterpillar and all around it is sprayed with a grey and red mass of brain. - Well, give tell what good about you, - Yourka clearly was not able to find the place.