Caring sensitve male dating

25-Jun-2017 02:45

This gets confusing and complicated when we're not sure if our guy is the old-school strong and silent type — or if he's a more sensitive modern man. He might also volunteer for the local animal welfare organization. Men aren't as likely to eat a pint of chocolate ice cream or talk to friends for hours about their feelings when upset. Just because he doesn't sound off about the harsh thing you said doesn't mean your criticism didn't go straight through his heart, so chose your words carefully (just like you expect him to do for you). He might prefer a career in the helping professions.

But that doesn't mean things that happen (at work, with you) don't hurt them deeply. Whether he's a teacher or running a nonprofit, most men who work to serve others or who create (everything from paintings to houses) tend fall more on the sensitive side.

This might explain why some men appear to be calm and coping well, until they suddenly explode with anger. Recognising and accepting yourself as a man who is highly sensitive is the first step.

Sensitivity is a gift, not a weakness, and it means that you are creative, empathetic and able to appreciate wonderful sensory elements in life like music, art, fragrances and colours that other people often miss.

They might even prefer fixing dinner themselves, while we long to date progressive, well-rounded men in equal relationships, sometimes actually doing so proves more difficult than we realized.

Sometimes it's not easy to let go of old-school expectations about "real men.”The new relationship rules aren't written anywhere, so men and women are making them up as we go along. So here are a few things to know help you navigate a relationship wth a strong man who is also sensitive: 1. Yep, he likes traditional "guy stuff" but he also enjoys hanging out with his nieces and nephews. He might pull away to hide feelings (but he still has them).

Some of the information we absorb we do so unconsciously.

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By stuffing unpleasant feelings, such as anger, fear, anxiety, worry and hurt, into an imaginary box, a man can find it easier to move on.For the highly sensitive man, however, becoming aware of and expressing those feelings on a regular basis is crucial for maintaining a positive sense of self, as well as being a powerful tool for lowering stress levels.HSPs experience so much stress, thanks to environmental overload, that facing their feelings is fundamental to their health.Pushing feelings away does not make them disappear.

In fact, feelings tend to grow the longer you avoid them.

But whether we’re aware of these stressors or not, they all take a toll on us.