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03-Dec-2017 00:40

Only the late Anna Nicole Smith’s borderline personality disorder (BPD) has been made public – and that was only because her psychiatrist revealed it.“Personality disorders are one of the most undiagnosed conditions,” says Bhugra.Over the next 18 months, the 37-year-old PA had to share her boyfriend with someone else: his ego. His need for the approval of the mirror, other men and, worst of all, other women, finally drove her away.This wasn’t just vanity, it was pathological narcissism.“There are several reasons for this: some mental-health professionals fear the label might exacerbate symptoms.Often people don’t seek help because they don’t realise there’s anything the matter.There were two dates in when Rebecca Mukhari* began to suspect something wasn’t right in her relationship.

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“People might think the way to deal with a narcissist is to ‘take them down a peg or two,’ but, if anything, they need bringing up a peg or two as they actually have low self-esteem.” Equally, with histrionic personality disorder, “it’s tempting to be swept along by the drama,” says Perry, but soothing them is more helpful.If the distress caused is so severe it makes sustaining friendships, a job or a relationship impossible, a professional diagnosis may be needed.