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The last time we spoke, Goldwasser told me that he feared MGMT were becoming too big for their own good and had started to attract jealous glances in their Williamsburg neighbourhood. "At first we had no idea that there was any kind of scene in Brooklyn," he says.

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It's a pretty unusual place to be." Catapulted out of the alternative rock ghetto and on to the front of the gossip pages over the past year and a half, the New York duo have become the indie pop's resident tabloid totty. That's simply unreal." Goldwasser grows even more wide-eyed as he recalls supporting Radiohead, when they got to shoot the breeze backstage with the Prince of Po-facedness himself, Thom Yorke.

Rumours that Goldwasser's partner- in-funk, Andrew Van Wyngarden, was dating a Dublin model sent their currency, in this corner of the world at least, soaring higher yet. Did they recognise Miley Cyrus's characterisation of Yorke as glum and aloof?

Once, they performed in the nude at a house party (Goldwasser made sure his bass was slung low, the better to preserve his modesty).