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A more careful examination of the Scriptures reveals why the phrase "called his name," which is the Hebrew "qara," was used. What about the rest of the names appearing in these genealogies under discussion? Other Biblical evidence shows clearly that Shem was the immediate son of Noah, even though the phrase "called his name" is not used.1 The Bible shows, too, by other information that when Terah was 130 he became the father of Abram.2 But in the case of all the other names listed in these chapters there is no Biblical evidence of any kind that points to an intermediate father-son relationship.

In every place where this phrase is employed, there can be no doubt of the existing relationship; invariably it is indicative of parent and child. Isaac." We read in Genesis , "And they called his name Esau" and Isaiah , "Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel." In every instance where this "clue" phrase appears, one can be certain that an immediate son is being described and not a more remote descendant. In fact, there is internal evidence within these accounts that points to other than immediate father-son relationships.3 An Ancient Calendar In further reflection upon this situation, two Biblical notices should be examined.

THE BIBLICAL CALENDAR OF HISTORY A Chronological Record of Events According to the Holy Bible By Harold Camping Introduction Chapters 5 and 11 of the Book of Genesis have long been a seemingly insurmountable obstacle to students of the Bible.

Inasmuch as they begin with Adam and end with Abraham, they have their roots in creation and their outreach into the era of the great civilizations of Babylon and Egypt, which flourished during Abraham's day.

As a matter of fact, this is the generation of Jesus Christ. Since this method of dating events was practiced in Noah's day, and was suggested by Jesus Himself, and is actually the practice used today, could not this have been the method described in Genesis 5 and 11?

Is it not possible that these accounts are a calendar which gives the name of the patriarch whose life span was the reference point of his period or generation in history?

Many instances can be found where a father-son relationship appears to be indicated and yet other Scriptural evidence points to a more distant ancestry.

It is obvious that the phrases "[Seth] begat Enos" or "Methuselah begat Lamech" did not ensure that Enos was the immediate son of Seth or Lamech of Methuselah.I do not believe adam joseph is married and I not believe adam joseph is gay and I really admire adam joseph as a metorlolgist on channel 6 and bless adam joseph and the action news keep up the good adam joseph on channel [email protected]

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